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A Smaller Image

A Smaller Image is a remarkable product from Curtis Canyon Software. It is the easiest way to resize digital images.

The intuitive visual, one-screen interface makes it a snap to pick just the right part of a picture to keep. Simplicity and convenience are the keys. No scrolling. No multiple windows. Everyone should have A Smaller Image handy.


Only $15

How many times do you have an image that is too large or has an extraneous content? Digital images from scanners, digital cameras, and stock collections are often 640x480 or larger. What if you want a 100x100 pixel thumbnail for a Web page? Or a reduced version that is 320x240 to submit to an online auction Website. Or perhaps you'd like to email a cropped, reduced version of some favorite pictures. A Smaller Image has two steps: (1) pick a target size and (2) visually pick the part of the picture you want to keep. You get to focus on creativity and getting the job done, ASI takes care of the messy details.

A Smaller Image includes the following features:

  • Batch processing for reducing several images at once
  • Overlay smooth text on top of the image
  • Add a colored border or a drop shadow to the image
  • Surround your photos with an oval border
  • Fade the edges of the image for effect
  • Adjust brightness, contrast, sharpness, and saturation of your images
  • Rotate images or apply image processing filters
  • Clipboard support on input (allows importing screen captures)
  • Clipboard support on output (allows pasting the output image into other applications)
  • Persistence in output size (so you can easily make all of your output images the same size)
  • Persistence in image processing settings
  • Open JPG,BMP,TIF,WMF,PCX, and PNG formats
  • Drag and drop to Open images
  • Save JPG, BMP, and PNG formats
  • Default output image filenames based on input image filenames


If you are:

emailing photos...
publishing photos in documents...
creating Web pages with photos...

you need A Smaller Image.


Free Trial


Click here to download a free trial version. A “red-X” will appear over any saved images, but you’ll be able try out all of the features to see if it meets your needs.




Click here to see some examples of A Smaller Image in action.

What our Customers are saying about A Smaller Image

"This is the greatest little imaging tool around. It really makes preparing images for the web easy. If I can use it, anyone can. Thanks for a really great product!" -- Albert

"ASI is utterly amazing!"Matte" and "text" have become my new best friends (grin)! The new features have arrived just in time to help me with a new adventure on the net." -- Janie

"Thank you for your updated version of this excellent program. I have saved "untold hours" of upload time for all the digital pictures I send using your program. Thanks again!" -- Tom

"I own and occasionally use a variety of photo software products, but the one I turn to on a daily basis is A Smaller Image. Nice job folks." -- Ed

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